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Crystal Salt Lamp

Crystal Salt Lamp

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-Made of natural salt crystal from the Himalayan mountains.

-Using a natural crystal salt ore. After the salt lamp is lit, a large amount of negative ions can be quickly released through heating, which can effectively improve the air quality and purify the air.

-Works as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air and light therapy to reduce stress and increase energy.

-Each lamp is individually handcrafted and unique. Exceptional quality due to salt seem where rocks are harvested from Himalayas. Every salt is going to be different and unique, that is the beauty and advantage of natural salt lamps.

Two modes:
Click for warm white, click again for colorful gradient

Material: ABS + PC
Container Size: 10x9x9cm
Salt Size: approx.2-3cm diameter(Because it is natural, every piece is irregular)
Salt Stone Quantity: appprox.15-20pcs
Color Temperature: 3000K
Power Supply: USB Charging(Can also be used while charging)
USB Cable Length: 1M
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Charging Time: approx.3 hours
Working Time: stable light 10 hours; Changing light 8 hours
Rated Power:≤3W
Input Voltage: DC5V
Working Current: 100-600mA
Charge Current: ≤600mA

Every lamp with 5 color changing, you can let it change color constantly, or make it stay at one color.
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