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Why Moon Lamps UK?

Although there are several brands offering moon lamps in the UK, we stand out as a unique entity. Fueled by our dedication to infuse your lives with love and warmth, we precisely craft the most authentic replica of the moon, ensuring it becomes a cherished presence right by your side.

Exclusive Brand

As the official brand in the UK, we are dedicated to offer the most authentic lunar moon lamps, our products undergo rigorous testing processes to ensure that you receive meticulously crafted, high-quality lunar moon lamps, perfected in every inch for an unparalleled experience.

Moon Lamp Artists

Our experts have vast years of experience in designing moon lamps. Hence, they know how to make these moon lamps irresistible.

Fine Quality

Offering a long service life, our lunar moon lamps are created for ease of use and easy-going operation. Just charge the lamp and let its glow relieve tiredness.

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The Perfect Night Light
Ever imagined what a perfect night would look like? We believe that moon light can create amazing charisma within those walls of your house.
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The Perfect Gift
Gift it to your partner, kids, parents or even friends to watch them get excited and fascinated with the magic that the moon night light adds.
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Identical To The Moon

If not exactly alike, our product is the closest replica of the most wonderful creation in the universe, the moon. Designed using the exact space imagery from NASA, the moon lamp gives you the same comfort as you feel staring in the sky at the moon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The moon lamp is equipped with LED lights and is powered by rechargeable batteries. It emits a soft, ambient glow resembling moonlight.

Charging times may vary, but typically it takes around 2-4 hours for a full charge, providing several hours of illumination.

Yes, most moon lamps come with adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to customize the intensity of the light to suit your preferences.

Yes, moon lamps are generally safe for children. They are made from non-toxic materials, and the LED lights used are cool to the touch.

Yes, many moon lamps are designed to be used while charging, offering continuous illumination.

Moon lamps are typically durable, made from high-quality materials. However, it's essential to handle them with care to ensure longevity.

Moon lamps come in various sizes, ranging from small desk lamps to larger decorative pieces. Common sizes include 8cm, 15cm, and 20cm in diameter.