Moon Lamp
The Perfect Night Light
Ever imagined what a perfect night would look like? We believe that moon light can create amazing charisma within those walls of your house.

Moon Lamps

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Why Moon Lamp

If you are thinking ‘WHY Moon Lamp’? There isn’t one but many reasons to get this unmatched creation for yourself and your loved ones.

Perfect Night Light

Forget yourself in the soft and peaceful moon night light by just turning on our product. If you had a hectic day at work, the lamp will instantly change your mood for good.

Identical To The Moon

If not exactly alike, our product is the closest replica of the most wonderful creation in the universe, the moon. Designed using the exact space imagery from NASA, the moon lamp gives you the same comfort as you feel staring in the sky at the moon.


Forget yourself in the eternal calmness with the moon lamp sitting next to your bed at night. Bring the magic of the real moon inside your room, packed from all sides. Or, place it in your living room to spend weekends embracing your bond with your loved ones.